How does airport parking entrance and exit points work?

The entry and exit points of the airport parking might turn out to be one of the busiest places on the airport as these points are constantly being engaged by people. There is always someone coming in to park the car or just taking the car out of there.

Airport Parking Stansted has a pretty good system. Airport Parking Birmingham is not bad either.

How do these points work?

They work according to a certain criterion. Such places have fixed spots of entrance and fixed spots of exits. You have to drive your car through these points once you have reached the airport. You can’t just park your car anywhere.

Are these points fixed?

Yes, these points are fixed. You can’t just change them according to the way you want as this can cause issues which you would not like to face in the parking area.  You can follow this theme while using Airport Parking Birmingham too.

Are these points important?

Yes, these points are highly important as you know that without them you won’t be able to enter or exit the main parking area.


It can be said that these two points hold immense importance in the airport and these points should not be tampered with. You should not break rules.  Consider checking these points clearly before going to Airport Parking Stansted.