What Are The Forms of Spam on SEO That You Use? This is The Answer

Now, internet marketing is much to be a mainstay for some people who are trying to increase their website traffic. With internet marketing, they will not be difficult to get many visitors to the website and increase sales of the company. SEO has become one of the keys to why they rely heavily on internet marketing. No wonder if Jasa SEO Murah has been provided by many companies.

However, it turns out SEO also can not avoid spam that was able to manipulate SEO itself. There are several forms of spam that exist in SEO, such as

1. Spam that collects some content has others on the website you have.

2. Create fake keywords that are hidden on the website page.

3. Redirect the page with inappropriate targets.

4. The page is full of writing but only a repetition of words or sentences.

5. Using illegal backlink services so that link placement is not appropriate.

However, usually when one form of spam occurs on your website page, then Google will immediately notify you to fix the page.