How to keep your eyes protected from daily activities

Keep your eye distance with the television and screen This is very important, considering many eye disorders, such as minus eyes caused by this. Meanwhile, you can go check out Walmart eye center hours just in case you need to examine your eyes soon.

Here’s the minimum distance of your eyes on the screen:

Minimum 30 cm from the computer screen
Minimum 2 meters from the television screen

Use LCD screen protector

Some computer and television screens that use LCDs have exposure to light that can accelerate the process of forming minus eyes. Therefore, use a special screen protector, in addition to keeping the screen from scratches, the protector can also protect your eyes.

Do not read while sleeping.

Reading while sleeping has a major effect on the formation of the cylindrical eye. Although sometimes cylindrical is hereditary, with frequent reading, while sleeping will greatly increase the cylindrical value in your eyes. It’s true that this position can be quite comfortable for reading, but it will be a wise decision for you to avoid any eye damage instead of repairing it.

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